Xcite | Renewed Functional Rehab

May 15, 2024

Functional therapy is at the bedrock of recovery from injury. An extension of what can be done in a therapy gym, the functional side asks whether these skills are indeed […]

Neuroscience of Conflict | Think Differently

January 9, 2023

You cringe. Your face flushes—your stomach acid churns. Maybe you avoid it at all costs, believing that it will magically disappear if you ignore it. You can try, but conflict […]

IMPACT Program: Coaching New Leaders

by TeamQLI

January 20, 2022

Berenice Cortes Lopez always knew she would help people and make an impact in their lives. “That’s always driven me,” she says. “Even growing up, I knew I wanted to […]

man and woman using communication tools

5 Tools to Support Memory and Organization Deficits

by Steve Kerschke, PT

January 14, 2022

Original post by Kintinu Telerehab What was that name? Who did I talk to yesterday? When was that appointment? We don’t realize the amount of information we encounter and are […]

woman on computer

12 Tips and Tools to Improve Skill Acquisition and Productivity

by TeamQLI

January 14, 2022

Original post by Kintinu Telerehab Attention and awareness are necessary to acquire information and learn new skills. In addition, they are critical to maximize productivity. A helpful mantra, “Identify the […]

Growing Leaders and Closing the Job Seeking Gap

August 19, 2021

A gap exists between businesses and jobseekers. Companies seek bright, new talent. Prospective employees compete for bold and fulfilling opportunities. But often, desires don’t match up. Job postings demand a […]

The Neuroscience of Gratitude

by Jeff Snell PhD

August 6, 2021

Life is stressful. Even ignoring the unique pressures of a pandemic, we all have a lot going on. We balance parental duties with professional demands. We navigate school for our […]

Neuroplasticity: What it Takes to Become an Expert

by Jeff Snell PhD

May 6, 2019

The human brain has a unique superpower called neuroplasticity. All of us have skills we’d like to improve.  Perhaps it’s something straightforward—a golf swing, a desire to learn the ukulele, […]

Adaptive CrossFit – Building More than Muscle

by Stephanie Roob, RDN, LMNT

January 20, 2019

When legendary CrossFit Games competitor and CrossFit Omaha co-owner Stacie Tovar agreed to help QLI build a high-intensity fitness program for men and women with disabilities, it was because of […]

Hero’s Homecoming: The Journey of Officer Tom Wagstaff

May 6, 2018

How do you prepare for the day you lose everything? How do you react to it, reckon with it? How do you ever begin to rebuild? For Tom Wagstaff—a loyal […]