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Aphasia Group

Aphasia often impacts an individual’s ability to engage socially as they did prior to their injury. We know that progress in aphasia never stops. QLI’s Aphasia Group creates a space for everyone to have a voice and to practice skills through social conversations, games, and real-life situations in the community. Every group is facilitated by a trained speech-language pathologist and designed to help you obtain new ideas for communication success.

About the Group

  • When: Every Wednesday from 2-3 PM
  • Location: QLI’s LLC Education Center 6320 N. 70th Plaza, Omaha, NE 69104
  • Cost: $5 per session for group supplies


Program Eligibility

If you have a diagnosis of aphasia, English is your primary language, and are looking to further develop communication skills after aphasia, contact us to learn more about QLI’s Aphasia Group. 

For More Information

Zoey Devney
Speech-Language Pathologist

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