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Ability Assessment

Find Your Path Forward

The effects of a catastrophic injury can last a lifetime. As such, expert management of the person and the injury can last a lifetime as well. Things change. Needs adjust. Age comes. Living situations alter – sometimes requiring even the most excellent, well-thought out plan to be revised. QLI’s Ability Assessment offers an independent, comprehensive review of a client’s current needs and functional abilities, regardless of stage, by an interdisciplinary team of experts in the field of neurological injury.

Patient Taking Ability Assessment Test

Practical Answers

We collaborate with the client, the payer source and the current care team to define questions, topics and goals relevant to each case.

Medical Services

While on QLI’s campus, the client will be cared for by a dedicated 24-hour nursing and aide teams that are highly experienced at managing the often-complex needs of individuals with neurological injury. Medical oversight will be provided by QLI’s rehab physician and medical director.

Ability Assessment

Our assessments test our clients in a variety of areas with both formal and functional evaluations. Formal evaluations are only one piece of the puzzle. By reviewing the client’s abilities in a dynamic, functional environment, we are able to identify situations that would not be revealed in a formal, clinical setting.

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