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Transitioning to a new program and a new setting can be a scary and intimidating process, especially under stressful circumstances. We are here to answer any questions you may have. The information below answers some of the most common questions we hear from applicants and their families. If you have other questions or want to speak to our coordinator of admissions, use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Why QLI? 

Simply put, no one does rehabilitation like QLI. We have a team of rehabilitation professionals like nowhere else, a comprehensive and intensive rehabilitation program like nowhere else, a physical environment like nowhere else, and we are committed to your individualized success and outcome like nowhere else. There is no substitute for seeing QLI firsthand. We not only suggest, we strongly encourage and welcome you to visit our campus to meet our staff and see our program for yourself.


QLI is far from where I live. Why shouldn’t I go somewhere closer to home? 

There are times in life when you should not settle for anything but the best – and recovering from a life-changing injury is certainly one of those times. Most patients are referred to QLI at a crucial time in their recovery, and they are seeking the resource that offers them that greatest opportunity for recovery, regardless of location.

Individuals and families we have served have often been hesitant about traveling away from home at such a sensitive time. We encourage our clients and families to view this not as a short-term sacrifice, but rather as an investment for long-term gain. Consider expertise, equipment, specialization and outcomes. Then, ask about coming to tour QLI for yourself before you make a decision.


How is QLI different from a day rehabilitation or outpatient rehabilitation program?

QLI’s rehabilitation program is the most immersive, intensive, and functional rehabilitation experience you will find anywhere. Not only are our services much more comprehensive in scope than outpatient day-rehabilitation programming, but our specialized 24-hour rehabilitation environment also ensures that our clients maximize their opportunity for rehabilitation throughout their stay at QLI.


How will I get to QLI?

Transitions to QLI’s campus are coordinated on a case-by-case basis by our Coordinator of Admissions. For further questions or information, discuss with the evaluating clinical liaison or our Coordinator of Admissions.


What should I bring to QLI?

All the rooms at QLI are private, with either a private or shared bathroom. QLI provides:

  • Bed
  • Dresser
  • Flat Screen Television
  • Recliner
  • Bedside table
  • Linens and Towels
  • Clock
  • Lamp
  • Shower Caddy with Toiletries

You are encouraged to bring any specialty toiletries or products as well as anything from home to make the room your own. We recommend you bring a week’s worth of clothes. Laundry facilities and soap are available in each of the houses.

Cable television is provided and Wifi is available throughout campus.


What does QLI’s campus look like?

Our state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility is spread across a beautiful 65-acre campus. Our sprawling facilities and grounds are beautifully maintained and designed to offer a perfect blend of comfort and challenge in both our clinical and residential settings. QLI’s passionate and expert team members can be found at every turn, ensuring our clients have access to cutting-edge rehabilitation technology and are taking advantage of every therapeutic opportunity.

QLI clients and their families will have access to numerous therapeutic amenities across our campus including multiple therapy gyms, a fitness center, swimming pool, movie theater and auditorium, library, a coffee shop, game room, art studio, sports bar (non-alcoholic) and much more. Our clients enjoy a private room in a warm, non-hospital setting with resources available for families as well. For a closer look click here for a virtual tour of QLI’s campus.


What happens when I get to QLI?

When you arrive at the QLI campus, our primary goal is to get to know you and your family. It is a relaxed day for meeting some of the members of your team – including your House Coordinator and Service Coordinator – as well as getting settled in your room, filling out basic paperwork and acclimating to the campus.

In the following days, you will meet therapists and team members from every discipline.  This is our chance to learn about you and your goals, and, together, set a vision plan for your future.  Your schedule and program are specially designed for you from that plan.


What does a typical day look like at QLI?

Every individual has a different injury, different goals and different interests. There is no “typical day” at QLI. QLI’s program is about getting back to life and therefore is designed to mirror a real-life day as much as possible. Weekdays have a blend of structured therapy with opportunities for teachable moments via QLI’s Tri-Dimensional Rehabilitation® model from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Evenings and weekends will also be set up to mirror what you will be doing once you are home in order to take advantage of every valuable teachable moment. Rehabilitation at QLI is truly functional and therefore occurs most often outside the walls of the therapy room.


Can my family visit? Are there visiting hours?

Catastrophic injury or illness does not just affect you, it affects your entire family. We believe family is an essential part of the rehabilitation process so we make every effort for family to be part of your program.

While QLI is not a hospital and we don’t, in “normal” times, have regular visiting hours, the introduction of COVID to our world has mandated changes to our visitation policy. Restrictions are frequently changing so for the latest information on visitation, contact our Coordinator of Admissions.  


Where can my family stay when they come to visit?

QLI has both campus-adjacent options (based on availability) and community-based options. Our Coordinator of Admissions will be happy to help find the right place for your family and their budget. Click here for more information on local accommodation options.

We find many families have spent every moment with their loved one since the accident and are hesitant to leave them in an unfamiliar place. We understand completely but we frequently find that our welcoming staff will soon make you feel comfortable by stepping back and letting your loved one get to work on rebuilding his/her life. This gives your family time to get things put back together at home in preparation for when you return.


Who will give me and my family updates? How often will we receive updates?

Before you arrive to QLI, you will be assigned to a house. A House Coordinator and Service Coordinator will be the key points of contact during your stay at QLI. You will also have regular formal staffings throughout your stay at QLI where your entire therapeutic team will be present to discuss with you, your family and all other involved parties how you are progressing and ongoing goals. Informal updates can be made as often as your family and/ or your funding source require.


Will I have a doctor?

Yes. QLI has full-time medical providers, a consulting Medical Director as well as a handful of consulting physicians who understand our population and can handle your every medical need. Whenever possible, we arrange with you to go to the doctor’s office instead of them coming to you as part of your return to independence. Additionally, we are happy to keep your primary care physician informed during your stay at QLI.


How long can I expect to be at QLI?

Length of stay is dependent on a variety of factors including goals, progress and funding. All of these factors are evaluated when you first arrive at QLI and periodically after as we measure your progress.


How is this paid for?

QLI accepts a variety of funding sources and will help you and your family navigate those systems every step of the way.


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