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QLI Adaptive Functional Fitness Program

Guts. Resilience. Intensity. Tenacity.

GRIT is a personal training program that began as a way for QLI to push adaptive athletes past their limits, blending industry-leading rehabilitation expertise with the revolutionary fitness and the principles of adaptive functional fitness. Established in Omaha, Nebraska, in 2018, the program has since transformed into one of the nation’s premier adaptive functional fitness programs. GRIT focuses on training the body’s muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movement. These well-rounded workouts improve health, posture, flexibility, strength and balance – key to everyday wellness and maximizing purposeful activity in everyday life. While it serves as a cutting-edge supplement to QLI’s rehabilitation curriculum, the program primarily targets athletes within the community, creating an individualized wellness environment that builds strength, confidence and unshakable camaraderie.

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GRIT | Adaptive Fitness for One, Adaptive Fitness for All

About the Program

Classes are held twice a week and are led by a certified adaptive trainer. Every class also offers the support of at least one Rehabilitation Trainer who is educated in adaptive functional fitness and has experience working with a variety of diagnoses. Physical therapists are on-site on a consultative basis for programming as needed.

Class size ranges from two to six participants, allowing for a ratio of one to two participants for every coach/assistant. Enrollment includes an onboarding process with the coach, taking time to understand your injury, limitations and goals. Together with your coach, a program plan will be customized with these factors in mind.

Virtual classes are currently available, offering a HIPAA compliant technology that enables a private and personalized fitness program in the comfort of your home. Minimal equipment is required. A monthly subscription includes unlimited live classes and direct contact with the trainer via the GRIT members only e-mail.

Ideal Candidates

GRIT is suitable for a wide range of fitness levels and diagnoses. Whether you are new or unfamiliar with physical fitness training programs or are a regular gym attendee looking to benefit from a small class size and more intense training, we have a spot for you. GRIT candidates are those who have an acquired physical or cognitive impairment or degenerative condition listed below:

Spinal Cord Injury


Left- or Right-Sided Weakness as a result of stroke or other injury

Mild to Moderate Brain Injury



Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Dystrophy

Freidrich’s Ataxia

Spina Bifida

Cerebral Palsy

Other Neurological Injury

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Stephanie Roob, RDN, LMNT
Director of Nutrition Services

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