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Adaptive Driving Program

Find the Road Forward

Driving gives us independence and the freedom to access our world. After neurological injury, residual physical, cognitive, or visual deficits can make driving feel like an unattainable goal. But through adaptive equipment, assessment, and coaching, it is possible to regain the skills and confidence to meet the state-mandated requirements to be a safe and legal driver.

About the Program

QLI’s Adaptive Driving program offers three levels of assessment and accessibility: No-Tech, Low-Tech, and High-Tech programs.

Each program begins with a comprehensive evaluation including vision assessment, reaction time test, and evaluation of cognitive skills/level [OR potential cognitive deficits/barriers]. The results of this evaluation are used to build personalized training sessions focusing on specific areas of need. A variety of equipment options are considered and incorporated for individuals who require adaptation for vehicle operation. Finally, a series of on-road practice sessions help build skill and confidence. All stages are tailored to your needs and delivered by a qualified rehabilitation professional in a supportive and encouraging environment.


The assessment phase is both formal and functional. Paper assessments help assess cognition, vision, and physical abilities. Behind-the-wheel assessments include both stationary and dynamic to determine appropriate and preferred adaptive equipment, based on the client’s needs.


Formal training routes have been created to assess a variety of driving skills including various types of traffic, multi-lane roads, intersection negotiation, speed modulation, and lane positioning, among other.

Customization and Fitting

After assessment and training is complete, a preferred certified mobility equipment vendor will be determined to assist with the installation of adaptive equipment, if applicable. Your DRP and vendor will collaborate to ensure all needs are met.


Program Eligibility

  • Must have a current and valid driver’s license or permit
  • Not currently prescribed or taking any narcotic-level pain medication
  • Meets the minimum visual requirements for your state. For Nebraska residents, please refer to this link to ensure you meet state requirements.

Program Requirements

Current and Valid Driver’s License

A current and valid license or permit for training purposes is required to participate in the behind-the-wheel evaluation and training on public roads. QLI does not evaluate and/or train previously unlicensed drivers. It is necessary to provide a copy of your license or permit prior to meeting with QLI’s driving program team. 

Doctor’s Orders or Prescription

A referral order from your primary care physician stating that you are medically cleared for driving evaluation and any necessary training is required for this program. 

Insurance and Financial Support

Payment for evaluation must be received prior to the time of evaluation and will not be submitted to insurance for reimbursement. We will estimate a range of hours for training following the initial evaluation.

Vehicle and Modification Costs

You will be responsible to source funding for the purchase of your personal vehicle and modifications as recommended by QLI’s Driving Rehabilitation Professionals. You must have the ability to obtain and maintain vehicle insurance coverage.

Medical Records

A representative from our program will reach out to request a current history & physical, current medication list, and information from vision specialist (if applicable) from your primary care provider.  

Program Cost and Funding

Rates are available for all levels of evaluation as well as an hourly rate for driver training sessions.

QLI is able to accommodate a variety of funding sources. We work regularly with Vocational Rehabilitation Services, workers’ compensation insurance and private payment.

For more information on rates and funding options, contact us via the form below.


Walking into QLI, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. As soon as I walked in I was met with smiling faces and positivity from the staff. Corey made the whole driving experience as easy and comfortable as possible. I was allowed to go at my own pace and never felt insecure about the new driving restrictions I was learning, even while driving for the first time in 17 months. I would highly recommend QLI and hopefully will be back to get my restrictions lifted eventually!
Both Ali and Corey were great to work with, staying in constant contact about what I needed before my first day. Once I started driving we explored all the different options until we found what really worked for me. One thing Corey would say is, if this doesn’t work we have other options or we can customize something for you. Which I think highlights your drive to figure out a solution. For me specifically, we were going through Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation for equipment and QLI made that process seamless. You never expect to re-learn how to drive at 30, but everyone at QLI made the whole process easy.
I had an amazing experience with the training program at QLI. Everyone was friendly and supportive through the entire process. The technology is incredible and I can’t wait to start driving again!! The Occupational Therapy staff made me feel safe and comfortable with the equipment. I would suggest this program to anyone that is interested in driving with high tech modifications. I was hesitant at first, to set this up, but it was totally worth it!

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Ali Conry
Adaptive Driving Program Coordinator

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