Megan Wilson | Strength Over Fear

January 25, 2023

In the hills of Cody, Wyoming, roads are being built. Such progress demands a company with a backbone cemented in the area—a company like Wilson Bros. Construction. Megan Wilson, daughter […]

HydroWorx® | To New Depths

December 7, 2022

Exercise is hard. At the end of it all, we’re sure to be left breathless and fatigued, with residual soreness or pain.  We take our aspirin or ibuprofen seeking relief, […]

Back Behind the Wheel | QLI’s Adaptive Driving Programs

November 14, 2022

Driving offers freedom – the ability to go wherever you want, whenever you want. It offers us access to the world – everything from a trip to the corner coffee […]

Armeo® Spring | Regained Control

November 7, 2022

QLI’s Gait Lab is adorned with equipment that look like robotic contraptions out of a science fiction film. Alongside the far wall and against a row of mirrors lives the […]

Is a Stroke Considered an Acquired Brain Injury?

by TeamQLI

July 26, 2022

Knowing more about acquired brain injury in general – and strokes in particular – can be helpful in understanding an individual’s treatment options. Brain injury is an injury that disrupts […]

Strokes: What They Are and How They Are Treated

July 22, 2022

The thought of having a loved one who suddenly suffers a stroke can be quite terrifying to comprehend. Fortunately, there are facts about the nature of strokes that are readily […]

Acquired and Non-Acquired Brain Injuries: Two Umbrellas

May 13, 2022

All the terms for describing brain injuries can cause one’s head to spin: open or closed; penetrating or non-penetrating; mild or severe; traumatic or non-traumatic. Even further, a dry point-by-point […]

LoveYourBrain®: Mindfulness and Resilience in Rehabilitation

by Megan Potter, PT, DPT

February 14, 2022

A brain injury brings a sudden shift in the matter-of-fact routines of an individual’s day-to-day life. What was once routine and intuitive may have to be relearned. For decades, the […]

Further | Stronger | Better – The Unstoppable Tess Sunderland

May 20, 2020

Take a moment to visualize everything that makes you, you. Your career, favorite sports team, or favorite junk food. The phone call you make to your mother every Sunday. Your […]

Adaptive CrossFit – Building More than Muscle

by Stephanie Roob, RDN, LMNT

January 20, 2019

When legendary CrossFit Games competitor and CrossFit Omaha co-owner Stacie Tovar agreed to help QLI build a high-intensity fitness program for men and women with disabilities, it was because of […]