The Power of
Tri-Dimensional Rehabilitation®

QLI’s Tri-Dimensional Rehabilitation® program is focused on one clear goal: to help our clients rebuild their lives after a catastrophic injury. Founded on best practices, QLI has developed a revolutionary model that addresses not only the core medical and physical aspects of rehabilitation, but is also designed to address the real-world skills and individualized interests that bring purpose and passion to our lives. In creating this powerfully effective rehabilitation construct, QLI borrowed the best from medicine, education, and psychology to create a program that simultaneously addresses the healing of the body, the mind and the spirit.

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Excellent Medical Care

The foundation for all rehabilitation programs at QLI is excellent medical care. From basic healthcare services to complex medical care, QLI’s expert staff meet the needs of our clients with patience and understanding in a safe, clean environment. Client health status is carefully monitored and adjustments in medication, nutrition, care procedures and activity level are made as the rehabilitative process evolves.

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Applied and Functional Programming

QLI rehabilitation programs are keenly focused on helping our clients to regain the unique, real-life skills that will allow them to be successful and confident after leaving QLI. Each client participates in a completely individualized therapy program where our rehab teams go well beyond the walls of the therapy gym to maximize functional independence and long-term success.

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Accepting Reality while Building Hope

Helping individuals accept the reality of a disability while building a sense of hope and optimism for the future is the ultimate rehabilitative challenge. Experiences and therapy programs are structured to help individuals once again anticipate pleasure in their lives. QLI has been able to go beyond simply articulating this concept by effectively incorporating this essential programming aspect into both our clinical plans of care and our uniquely positive culture.