Would it surprise you to know that Omaha has, since 2014, received considerable national acclaim as an outdoor-first city? Sources ranging from websites like WalletHub, to major nonprofits like The Trust for Public Land, to magazines such as Men’s Fitness cite Omaha’s impeccable park system and numerous recreation opportunities as examples of a metropolitan community fostering wellness and healthy activity within its population.

QLI’s rehabilitation programs and community outreach initiatives parallel Omaha’s emphasis on outdoor fun. Our adaptive sports and recreation team rebuilds shattered lives by reintroducing injury survivors to their favorite sports or physical activities. Our close collaboration with partners across Omaha has helped individuals of all ability levels enjoy universal access to the area’s diverse outdoor and sport experiences. Whether by reimagining entire city parks from the ground up or by paving the way for essential sports and fitness programs across the Omaha area, these collaborations have resulted in an almost immeasurable benefit for the community.

“We believe in empowering men and women to enjoy the outdoors on their own time, on their own terms, and with their own people,” says Edward Armstrong, QLI’s Adaptive Sports Specialist. “What’s truly meaningful to someone with an injury isn’t the once a year specialized seminar on adaptive sports. It is normalizing that exercise or that sport. Make their hobbies and passions things they can access whenever they want, without the need for an appointment or a special event.”

With the addition of a universally accessible kayak launch dock and fishing pier at Omaha’s Glenn Cunningham Lake and several wheelchair-accessible parks and playgrounds (thanks to partnerships with QLI and ALLPlay, respectively), the City of Omaha continues to cater to its entire population. Resources across the city can promote every interest and meet any need — from adaptive climbing programs to scuba diving classes; from individual activities to accommodations for large and specialized groups.

QLI’s partnership with the community helped kickstart a transformative movement within Omaha. And as a result, Omaha has effectively opened the outdoors and opened the opportunity to every man and woman, no matter the situation or circumstance, putting our city on the map as a place wherein every person can lead their healthiest life.

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