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It is hard to understand everything we do here at QLI. There’s a lot to keep up with after 25 years. And just when you think you get it, we push the envelope further, achieving the unthinkable, again and again.

You can try to wrap your head around our cutting-edge technology, hundreds of incredible stories or every facet of our innovative rehab approach. But that might take awhile.

It’s as simple as this: we’re helping our clients, who have suffered devastating brain or spinal cord injuries, get back to life. We’re not just helping them recover. We’re helping them re-discover their passions and re-establish their identities.

Becoming a part of Team QLI means showing your support in a way that makes sense for you. It’s not just about your money or your time. It’s about being a part of the amazing things that happen here, every day.


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