Chronic Pain Rehabilitation


Founded on best practices, QLI’s revolutionary Pain Rehabilitation Program incorporates not only the core medical and physical aspects of pain rehabilitation, but is also designed to teach practical pain management strategies that allow our clients to return to active and productive lives. QLI blends the best from medicine, education, and psychology to create an individualized program for each of our clients that simultaneously promotes the healing of the body, mind, and spirit.


Dimension 1:  Medication & Medical Management

QLI’s pain rehabilitation team works alongside our medical director and in collaboration with our clients to develop a safe opioid tapering plan that is carefully monitored by 24-hour nursing support. Our clients consistently report decreased levels of pain with increased levels of activity after long-term opioids have been discontinued. The needs of our clients are met with patience and understanding, continuously evaluating the necessity of medications and making adjustments with medications and nutrition as the program progresses. Our team of experts is skilled at managing pre-existing complex medical conditions as well as health issues that may arise during the medication weaning process


Dimension 2:  Functional Restoration

QLI’s functional restoration approach is physical therapist-driven and keenly focused on helping our clients restore normal movement patterns and reduce pain symptoms by improving joint function, strength, and endurance.  Each program is unique and expressly focused on each client’s individual goals and interests. Our interdisciplinary rehabilitation team goes well beyond the walls of the therapy gym to restore functional physical activity and promote not just short-term gain, but long-term success.


Dimension 3:  Education & Psychology

Helping individuals with chronic pain build a sense of hope and optimism for the future while empowering them with a strong sense of control and active decision-making is the ultimate rehabilitative challenge. The end goal is for each client to develop and internalize realistic and effective long-term pain management strategies based on non-interventional and non-pharmacological methods. QLI’s experienced psychology team leads an aggressive, program-wide implementation of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) while simultaneously immersing our clients in a positive, supportive environment. This emphasis on developing healthy, rational thought patterns coupled with education about pain is what allows our clients to be encouraged about their future and get back on a path in life that is both meaningful and productive.