Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program


QLI’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program is a specialized, post-hospital center of excellence for individuals who have sustained an acquired brain injury. Research shows that individuals who participate in the most intensive rehabilitation regimen following a brain injury are likely to experience the best outcomes. For all types of brain injury, from mild to severe, QLI’s specialized rehabilitation program can be an invaluable step along your path to the best possible long-term recovery.

Medical Services

QLI’s expert Medical Director, specialty physician partners, and dedicated 24-hour nursing team are highly experienced at managing the often complex medical needs of individuals with brain injury. Our dedicated medical team members enable our clients to recover physical health as quickly as possible, while regularly managing the following medical conditions, and more, on site:

  • Wound care
  • Catheter care
  • Tracheotomies
  • G-Tubes
  • IV medications

Specialized Rehabilitation Services

Our Tri-Dimensional Rehabilitation® model maximizes both formal and functional therapeutic opportunities around the clock, continuously incorporating errorless learning strategies to facilitate neuroplasticity and maximum recovery. Therapies are provided in real-world environments, both on our expansive campus and in the community – not in a hospital setting.

QLI’s clients benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of an interdisciplinary team of over 40 full-time, expert, licensed therapists, nurses and psychologists and a total rehabilitation team of more than 100 specially trained team members. Rehabilitation program participants have access to extensive specialized expertise in areas such as environmental control systems, vision and vestibular rehabilitation when appropriate, and every QLI rehabilitation client will have a dedicated clinical team comprised of:

  • Psychologist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech therapist
  • Clinical service coordinator
  • Nurse
  • Dietitian
  • Vocational specialist
  • Assistive technology specialist
  • Adaptive sports specialist
  • Life skills specialist
  • Life path service specialist
  • Family counselor

Emotional Recovery

The most challenging aspect of recovery following a brain injury is often the emotional adjustment. QLI’s entire team, led by our Life Path Services specialists, is continuously focused on helping our clients and their families rediscover a meaningful path forward in their lives. Advanced cognitive behavioral therapy methods are deeply woven into all aspects of programming to accomplish this goal.

Family Support & Education

QLI makes working with the entire family unit a priority. We encourage families to be an active part of the rehabilitation team maintaining a full-time staff devoted to counseling, education, and training services for our clients’ family members.

Transition Services

Clients come to QLI for rehabilitation services from all across the country because of our unrivaled expertise and commitment to getting our clients successfully back home. From the day that an individual admits to QLI’s rehabilitation program, our entire team is focused on planning and executing a successful transition home.

QLI is able to offer a wide variety of true-to-life simulation options in our functional, real-world environment, from simple social and community-based activities to full-scale, 24-hour simulation in a private apartment designed to model a client’s discharge setting.

In addition to simulating a discharge plan in our rehabilitation setting, QLI staff members regularly assist in accompanying clients home and follow-up at regular intervals to ensure the best possible transition and long-term outcome.

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