Lied Life Center


The second largest building on QLI’s rehabilitation campus is our dynamic Lied Life Center.  This modern, multi-use building has been carefully designed to offer our clients and their families a wide variety of community-based therapy opportunities.  The Lied Life Center is a vital resource that houses a fitness center, an art studio, a hobby/vocational training room, a technology center, multiple meeting spaces, our “Hub” coffee shop, and a large multi-use auditorium.  This 16,000 square-foot center functions as an incredibly versatile rehab tool and an effective means of preparing our clients to successfully re-integrate into their home communities.


Colladay Center Entrance Colladay Center Entrance

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It’s hard to understand everything we do here at QLI. We get it. There’s a lot to keep up with after 25 years. We’re not just helping our clients recover. We’re helping them re-discover their passions and re-establish their identities.

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