The Colladay Center


The Colladay Center, sometimes referred to as the Program Center, is both QLI’s corporate and clinical headquarters.  Located at the center of our rehabilitation campus, this prominent, welcoming building houses many of our formal therapy spaces as well as office and meeting space for many of QLI’s clinical experts.  Formal therapy spaces include a physical and occupational therapy gym, speech language pathology and life skills training area, neuropsychological testing area, and assistive and adaptive technology assessment and training spaces.  Also located in the Colladay Center are offices for our 24-hour nursing team, registered dietician, psychology and family counseling teams, service coordinators, admissions team, and other administrative departments. The Colladay Center is in operation 24-hours daily, 365 days per year under the watchful eyes our residential supervision staff.


Colladay Center Entrance Colladay Center Entrance

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It’s hard to understand everything we do here at QLI. We get it. There’s a lot to keep up with after 25 years. We’re not just helping our clients recover. We’re helping them re-discover their passions and re-establish their identities.

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