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Rehabilitation Campus

QLI’s expansive rehabilitation campus is the largest and most specialized post-hospital rehabilitation environment in the United States.  Every detail of our campus-style setting has been carefully designed to enable our clients to regain the real-world skills to successfully return to their lives, families, and communities.  Take a photo tour of our rehabilitation campus with its 60 private rooms by clicking on one of the tabs for our Colladay Center, Lied Life Center, or our six residential houses.


Long-Term Care Campus

QLI’s long-term care services are designed to serve a diverse and unique population: a young adult population comprised of survivors of severe brain injury or spinal cord injury, as well as individuals debilitated by degenerative neuromuscular conditions.  Nowhere else in the country will you find such a vibrant community with programs and amenities so well conceived to meet the specialized needs of a young adult population.  Take a photo tour of our long-term care campus and community apartments by clicking on one of the tabs below.


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It’s hard to understand everything we do here at QLI. We get it. There’s a lot to keep up with after 25 years. We’re not just helping our clients recover. We’re helping them re-discover their passions and re-establish their identities.

Becoming a part of Team QLI means showing your support in a way that makes sense for you. It’s not just about your money or your time. It’s about being a part of the amazing things that happen here, every day.