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The QLI Difference

Since 1990, QLI has led the nation in delivering life-changing rehabilitation and care to those impacted by brain and spinal cord injury. More than a center of excellence whose relentless experts push the boundaries of rehab with cutting-edge technology and industry-forwarding research, QLI puts real-world skills and real-world passions first. Injuries aren’t the focus of our mission at QLI – people are. That means anchoring rehabilitation around who a person is and who they can still be, forging innovative new ways to harness that identity not just in recovery, but in life beyond injury.

65 Acres

With over $70 million in award-winning facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, we have what you need to get your best possible outcome.

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96% Satisfaction

QLI is proud of the work that we do. We expect to be held to high standards and are proud that our families, payers, and healthcare partners are 96-100% satisfied with their experience at QLI.

7x Award Winner

A seven-time winner of the Best Place to Work in Omaha award, QLI boasts a turnover rate that is 1/3 of the industry average. A great team means great results, and ours has a passion for attaining goals.

Our Stories

Outcome data measures progress, but it isn’t a complete picture of a life rebuilt after injury. Life-changing impact is best revealed in the stories of the individuals and families we serve.


“This has been the ultimate learning experience,” Marty says. “How do you continue to love the life you have while still working on the skills you need? It took me a long time to realize that life was going to be okay. But the truth is, I’m still me. The legs don’t make the man.”

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“There are therapeutic benefits here for someone who isn’t a horse-rider but it becomes so much more poignant when it’s tied to her life, something she used to do each day.”

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“I don’t know what to tell you. We’ll do everything we can, but your son isn’t going to make it through the night.” These are the words doctors gave Ginger Jackson, Josh’s mother, on the night of August 8, 2015.

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“Before the accident, we were right where we wanted to be. It was kind of perfect.”

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Not wanting handouts or fast passes, John wanted to earn his independence, and to begin rebuilding key elements of his identity.

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We don’t talk about what I can’t do and just focus on how I will do something.

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Shane’s story isn’t impressive because it’s the story of someone overcoming incredible hardship. It’s impressive because Shane has succeeded at living life his way, injury or not.

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